22 April 2014

la cienega design quarter's 6th annual "legends of la cienega" may 7-9th! (oh yeah, AND MY RUGS!!!!)

i can hardly contain my excitement right now! in a little over two weeks, the 6th annual "legends of la cienega" design festival gets underway with 3 days of fabulous window installations, parties, panels and general awesomeness. the theme this year is "novel interiors; story telling by design" and i am delighted to be designing the window of woven accents on melrose along of a theme of the classic novel, "the 1001 arabian nights".
i am also trés excited because this festival brings together not only all my friends from here in los angeles, but also design friends from all over the world! i mean, look at the stellar roster of my buddies assembled to be social media ambassadors!

last, as you may know, i am also debuting my first line of licensed rugs for 27 ground & woven accents in conjunction with my window installation, and can't wait to unleash my designs on the world. for the last 6 months, i've also been hyping my launch party which was to happen pre-legends, but unfortunately, there are too many events associated with the festival for me to secure a date and time for my little soiree, so instead i invite you to stop by friday, may 9th at 4:00 before the domaine home panel at woven accents to preview my rugs and share a glass of wine with me  (invite above- panel starts at 4:30). i'm superstoked to finally be sharing my collection with the world, so i hope you'll stop by!

see you on la cienega! (and on melrose at woven accents, directly across from the PDC!)

ps- my rugs will also be at ICFF in NYC may 17th-20th, booth 2166!

13 April 2014

bold n brassy at 55 downing street

i've been a brass maniac for years, as evidenced by this picture of my living room, circa 2006-7 (?), when i called my home the "brass menagerie" (it was also my mission at teh time to personally bring back the brass animal statue. i succeeded, btw ;-). the trend sort of took a while to take off after us early adopters embraced it,  but that has all changed. my recent trip to #hpmkt cemented that bold n brassy is here to stay! virtually every showroom had shiny brass and gold pieces on view (two standouts were bernhardt and celerie kemble for henredon).

inspired my my #designonhpmkt trend spotting, my latest post at 55 downing street is all about brass, brass, and more brass. please go here to see my bold and brassy picks!

12 April 2014

maison21 in enlightenment magazine

i'm waiting for my martha stewart style backlash...
a sincere thank you to linda longo of enlightenment magazine for the coverage she gave the panel discussion on "social media and the design community: how to encourage influencers to grow your brand" that i participated in at las vegas market in january with gretchen aubouchon corey damen jenkins and michelle workman.  it was so nice to read the recap, because when you are up there in front of people, tryin' to be witty and clever it's sort of hard to remember what was said! you can read it here ( i also recommend subscribing as enlightenment magazine  as it is a great way to keep up with lighting industry trends!)

11 April 2014

zhoujie zhang at gallery all.

whoa.  just received an invite to the inaugural show at gallery all here in downtown LA, and my jaw hit the floor viewing these works by zhoujie zhang. this is some serious sh*t. i love art/furniture that looks like it's gonna eat you. ;-)

03 April 2014

214 modern vintage is OPEN FOR BUSINESS at #hpmkt!

and y'all better hurry, cuz the good stuff is going fast!

 open during market daily, from 9-6 (later if y'all are buyin'!)
 if you are heading to hamilton-wrenn, 214 is just 3 blocks north of IHFC, and hang a left on e. kivett (btwn hamilton & wrenn). can't miss it in the middle of the block!
 if you get lost, or see something you can't live without in these photos, just give a call- they are nice peeps: (336) 314-8082
 did i mention to make this your first stop?
 cuz when they sell out, there is no more!
someone should adopt this guy!
 and someone should buy me that fancy chandelier!
 from traditional to modern, something for everyone
 when you stop in, tell them you are my friend, cuz the 214 peeps are my friends too and then we can all be friends together. ;-)